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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

The innovations and evolutions in commercial cooking have created innovative and ever-evolving approaches to fire protection on the part of the system manufacturer’s design and development groups. Give your chefs the freedom to choose their own cooking equipment and methods with a fire suppression system that can meet today’s fire protection challenges while retaining the flexibility needed to meet new challenges in the future.​


Automotive Fire Protection Equipment

Effective fire protection for automotive spray paint booths, prep stations and paint mix rooms is essential to the overall risk management plan of any automotive repair facility. They require special fixed automatic fire suppression systems, which, due to the expanding variety and increasing complexity of automotive spray booth technologies, must be a customized installation designed to suit any given booth design and the field conditions at the automotive shop.  Fortunately, in addition to years of experience and hundreds of these special type installations under our belt, Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security is an authorized distributor and installer for no less than three major manufacturers (the major three, in fact) who specialize in these applications. Thus, we are able to offer options and find the best “fit” system for your unique application.


Hospital And Nursing Home Fire Protection

Fire safety is our business. Whether your hospital, nursing home, assisted living or rehabilitation facility requires a new life safety system to meet specific code requirements or your existing systems need upgrading, inspection, testing or service, Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security can assist you. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified by the top system manufacturers. Combining all service inspection services required we are easily able to maintain continuity of service and keep you in compliance with ADA, NFPA, IDPH and municipal code requirements.

With the growing complexity of regulatory requirements and ongoing scrutiny of healthcare and related facilities, healthcare administrators need as many worry-free vendors as they can get. This is why they consistently choose Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security.

School / Universities

Fire Solutions For Schools & Universities

It is so important for every educational facility to have state-of-the-art fire protection to ensure the safety of students, staff, equipment, and the buildings and grounds. There are strict laws about this in most states. Statistics show that more than 50% of fires at schools and universities start in kitchens, especially cafeterias. Upgrading a fire protection system isn’t enough. It must be serviced and maintained on a regular basis by trained technicians who are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase safety in the kitchens of our schools.​

Fire Protection For Manufacturers

Lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory practices make today’s manufacturing operations exceptionally intolerant to unplanned outages. Fortunately, as authorized distributors for Ansul, PyroChem, Kidde and Janus fire suppression systems, Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security has the resources and access to design and install state-of-the-art fire suppression systems to protect your most critical production machinery.

Whether it is a dry chemical system for a hazardous material storage area, a clean agent system for a server room or anything in-between, we have the right fire suppressant agent and system to help you keep your operations humming.

Property Management

Fire Suppression For Property Managers

In addition to fixed automatic fire suppression systems for kitchens and computer rooms, commercial properties have fire extinguishers, emergency lighting units, exit signs, building fire alarms and security systems as well as card access systems. Fire and life safety equipment and systems have code-specified inspection and maintenance cycles that must be met in a timely fashion and performed professionally. Failure to keep the schedule could become a matter of life or death for building occupants. It is not enough that Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security exceeds expectations in the performance of the work at hand.​



Whether you manage one local store or a national chain, you need an expert to protect the lives and safety of your retail employees and customers. Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security offers decades of experience installing and servicing every major brand of fire suppression systems and extinguishers. Our entire team is up to date on the latest regulations and guidelines regarding service and inspection of life safety equipment. We work hard to stay informed about new regulations so that you don’t have to.  Talk to us about our preferred customer service plans and state-of-the-art digital service software with detailed record-keeping that takes the stress out of equipment maintenance, service, and code compliance.



The Allstate Fire Midwest/The Red Force Fire and Security team understands the unique challenges of providing fire and life safety in hospitality environments. Our technicians keep up to date on local and national regulations, taking the stress out of your site maintenance.

We bring decades of experience to every hospitality project, from installing fire suppression systems to performing required maintenance, service and inspections. Whether your business is a small hotel or a large national chain, every one of our technicians has received the required factory training to service your equipment.

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